June 10, 2007

Solo race started today

What a rush it has been to get from 1 week to go to the start of solo RAAM.

Since last Wednesday when the "down unders" arrived in San Francisco we have gathered together 3 vans - an RV to house the team on the road, a pace van to follow the riders and a leapfrog van (maybe that should be a ROO van) to carry and setup the next rider. We have wired all 3 vans for radio, emergency lighting, public address and music, and power sockets to drive computers, hairdryers and massage beds. We have spent a lot of time on California's urban highways to get to LA first and then to Oceanside, a little north of San Diego. We have run some practice sessions to get the newbies used to the rigours of the rules and what has to be done to change over riders safely. And we have eaten a lot of Mexican food - here at Oceanside we are 53 miles from the border. It's also been a bit like being in the army - "hurry up and wait" - sure that will change when we get on the road and have 36 hours of experience under the belt.

Been some special interactions. We had a great session on Saturday afternoon at Bent Up Cycles in Van Nuys near LA - home of the team sponsor. The team talked with many customers. Tim and Dave had a go at a fully faired trike - the cruise missile did not look out of place on the airfield perimeter. Jon shot some great video when Tim and Glenn did a shakedown ride
for viewing here. thanks Jon for a lot of fun. You're a legend and the picture of Dana at the end of the video has the greatest smile.

And today we wandered down to the start of solo RAAM. A special day too. For the Ausies it was a chance to meet two Aussies competing - Kerry White in the womens and Richard Vollebregt in the mens. Richard recently broke the trans Australia record and has the longest hair of all the solo competitors. At the time of writing both were in 3rd place around time station 3. For the afficionados it was great to see the former riders return especially the former winners.

After that it was fun and work. Fun with Team Bacchetta and work on the practice sessions around Camp Pendleton - Tim and Glenn managed to talk their way into riding right through the camp on their ride home.

And today's challenge is to tell us what you think about the picture above - what's up? Comment below or email to the team at info@teamvelokraft.com


razor said...

hey this is ray from the land of oz. i ride a velokraft vk2 and of coures i am with tim and glenn.tim might be saying to the bruschetta chap,how is the weather up there !!!

Mervin said...
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Mervin said...

I'd say that whoever is on the Bachetta is experiencing some serious lowracer-envy.
p.s. sorry about the deleted comment, there was a really bad misspelling.

Team Velokraft said...

Razor: Message passed on the Glenn

razor said...

great start guys !!! keep on pedalling and keep in front of them bachettas!!! ausssie aussie oi oi oi!!!