June 04, 2007

1 week to go

New picture of Glenn now resplendent in his Waratah Veterans Cycling Club jersey

Glenn, Mark and James depart Sydney tomorrow (June 6 - D Day) for San Francisco - the adventure really begins in earnest. The rest of the crew will converge on Tim's house from Thursday and we journey as a team down to Oceanside on Saturday.

The final touches are coming together. Bike lighting is agreed. Some small modifications to the racks for signage are needed and Richard is doing those. David - crew chief - has volunteered to be the sales rep for Australian sales of the racks. Vans will be picked up on Thursday and Friday. Friday will be a busy day fitting lights to vans; building benches inside the pace and frogger vans; wiring vans for computers; for public address; for music; etc.. And instructions gone out about being scent free - no musk please boys!

Meanwhile, RAAM organisation has sent out its launch press release - see it here.

And a big thank you to the first of the donations received through the team website - every bit helps.

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reducedcarbonlifeform said...

Just wanted to post a heartfelt best of luck to Team Velokraft for the RAAM!! I know Richard has been very excited, proud and happy over the top to be involved with the team, to produce such a fine bike rack, and tomorrow to join the adventure!
I'll be the crazed fan waving and hooting as you sail through Prescott next Wednesday morning...EARLY!

Again, best of luck and cheers!

Kathy Wasserlein
(Richard Philabaum's lady friend)