June 14, 2007

Into the mountains

We started the day heading into Monument Valley a little before darkness broke - for a first time visitor it was an awesome view. Not sure how the riders liked it - we're a bit disconnected with what they are doing when we are positioning the RV for the days provisioning.

Road is a steady climb for about 30 miles though climbing only 3000 feet. As we are coming through quite early the temperatures are not too high - think that will come later in the day though there is a cooling breeze as we sit in Cortez Colorado waiting for the team to arrive.

Team Bacchetta - our two man recumbent rivals came through just as we arrived - we are still paying for the misadventures of the first night.

Onwards and upwards into the Rockies with a lining of snow on them.


razor said...

fantastic effort despite the crashes,keep on gusting it out guys!! be strong,pray nad perservere will get everyone through!!! allez !! allez tout le monde !!

Jason said...

I really enjoy the updates and "watching" the race unfold. Keep them coming. What you are doing is amazing! Thanks.

Neil F said...

Keep up the effort guys!
Let Glenn know I'm with them in spirit.
Neil Fleming

JDRF Velokraft 2005

markw365 said...

24.94mph split on TS 18, good job! As a Bacchetta owner, you're making me nervous. I'm hoping both teams can close the gap on 207 and 208 in the plains. Keep up the good work!

razor said...

guys ,great effort for ts18 ,keep the pressure up and you will soon see the rear wheels of the bruscheetas...tell glenn that it is freezing in melbourne and that the cane toads beat the cockroaches in State of origin 10 to 6...