June 12, 2007

Teams on the way

It's been a pretty quiet morning. Team had breakfast together and we started the first of the close in briefing sessions. Tim made it down but Glenn was able to get to sleep until 9am.

After breakfast we were into the last minute things - building spare wheels as the parts arrived from LA (thanks Dana); making sure each of the follow vans had food for both riders; getting bike spares and tools properly stashed in the frogger van.

About van support. We have a pace van that follows the riders. During the day this van will be close by. At night the rider must be in the headlights of a van at all times - we will use this van. The frogger van will leapfrog the riders to do rider exchanges. This van carries the retiring rider and the bike spares and bike mechanic and lots of rider food. The frogger van will relieve the pace van for gas stops and in the event of a mechanical issue with the van. The RV acts as the mothership and carries the sleeping crew and sleeping rider at night. RV crew does most of the shopping; reprovisioning of the follow vehicles and does the laundry.

All was peaceful until 12 when the shopping expedition was delayed in returning - a few nerves then. They made it by 1pm - quick unload and down to the start. The start was all about introductions and staging the riders. The race starts with a parade route for 13 miles before racing begins - so this is all pretty relaxed. At least the sun is out. Back to base for last minute things and then up the road we will go. For the RV this is to Salton City (TS2). For the follow vehicles it's off to mile 23 where staged support can begin.

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