June 15, 2007

Out of the mountains

It was a priviledge to help our riders into and over the Rockies - on the climbs up Wolf Creek Pass, the pass into La Veta and Cucheras Pass, they fought like men possessed to make up the time lost on that eventful first night. Glenn in particular was determined - you will see the results on the time station into Alamosa Colorado, where the team came close to the time station record - 24.94 mile per hour. The record is 24.99. And riding behind him as he descended at over 60 miles per hour was a real treat.

Wolf Creek Pass was cold - snow lying on the ground below the level we were riding and the waterfalls running strongly. Standing out there in shirtsleeves and shorts was quite something - but then this is the story of RAAM - heroes in every dimension fighting it out against the elements and against themselves. Coming out the mountains this morning was awesome - watching the sunrise from the top of Cucheras Pass alongside two of the solo women's teams was special. The opening views down to the plains above Trinidad Colorado.

It seems that the riders are getting back to good shape - they have got to within 30 minutes of Team Bacchetta and are steadily making their way up the 4 man teams and we note that Team Body Exchange have dropped out. RAAM extracts its retribution. We look forward to seeing what our bikes can do into Kansas headwinds compared with the more upright bikes.

Now we (i.e., the crew working the RV and the sleepers) rest in Ulysses Kansas - looked after very well by Avis Gibbons of Single Tree Inn and orchestrated by Scott Nichols of the Chamber of Commerce. We have seen all manner of places along the way and this one is a real treat.


Anonymous said...

Herculian effort and kudos to you and the guys.

If you can please tell Gleen "Slo Joe" is rott'n for him and Tim with 1/2 my heart. Yah, I ride a Bacchetta (grin)

Anonymous said...


that should be "root"n..not rott'n!!

and I know..it's Glenn....not Gleen...my fingers go too fast like aVK.

Annie said...

Imagine Team B - constantly looking over their shoulders, Tim and Glenn breathing down their necks. They must be s..tting themselves. Go guys! Annie

reducedcarbonlifeform said...

Wow you guys are just amazing!! I'm awed by your efforts - Glenn just likes to go fast...one wonders if he drives a car how fast he likes to do that!!! Tim and Glenn...ride safe and enjoy the flatlands!

Michael Heggen said...

And at TS 23, you guys are only 7 minutes back, and were 2.27 mph (22.34 avg) faster on that stage than the Bs -- not to mention just about everyone else. Wow!

I like the Bacchetta folks, too, but for some reason I'm rooting for Team VK -- maybe it was the steady trickle of drool on my face whenever I walked by one of the VK bikes at PIR.

Ride ride ride!

BradPerthWA said...

Glenn, Tim and Teamvelokraft - congrats on making up the deficit.
Keep going like the wind - you guys are megastars already. I hope you catch and pass the upright two man team and really kick some donkey. :)

Deborah said...

I had the adventure of trying to keep Glenn in my headlights on some of those downhills in 05. Yeppers, we broke speed limits then also!
Both bent teams are doing great, I am sure it is because they both have awesome crews. Keep up the good work.