June 16, 2007

Quick look at two men in fine form

Just a quick look at Tim and Glenn as they zoom down the roads of the US in the Race Across America - Glenn on his Nocom and Tim sporting his yellow ear and riding the VK2


biorider said...

Both photos are of Glenn - missing Tim's 'green ear'.

razor said...

keep it going strong to tim and glenn.also the crews are to be commended on a grouse job so far.If you get tired then make a toasted vegemite sandwich!! it will give you some energy..

go team velokraft

Richard said...

Looking good, sorry I missed the team when they came through Missouri. Keep up the great work =)

Jezza said...

Go you good things! Awesomw effort. Keeping an eye on you from "down under"
Jeremy and the Warratah Vets

benthead said...

You guys rock! I wish I could be there, but I have really been enjoying the race. I talk to David pretty regularly...I hoping he is passing on my best wishes. Did I mention you guys rock!?!?!


razor said...

hey guys what has happened to Glenn?? on the bacchetta forum they say that he is under doctor's orders to rest for 12 hours??
what gives


BradPerthWA said...

Shere are they now? They are not registered as coming into TS51.
is everyone OK????