January 12, 2008

Team RANS assembles

The phone lines have been buzzing and pressure is being applied as the next assault on RAAM by the recumbent contingent.

Team Velokraft will transform itself into a 4 man team. It is early days yet but it is clear that Tim Woudenberg will ride. Looks too as if Peter Norris will ride - more Down Under flavour. Glenn Druery is wavering - one day yes and one day no.

Crew is assembling too. Richard Philabaum will be crew chief - time to test those military organisation skills. Denny Cook will be back as RV chief. His wife has given him leave to go - she'll stay behind on the farm to manage strawberry harvest.

Big news is the bikes will be built by RANS and they will be main sponsor.

So it is all go and to keep following us head to http://www.teamRANS.com

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