May 22, 2007

3 weeks to go

There's a lot going on this week. Glenn has been training in the high country - and welcomed the first snows of the Australian winter for his pains. Tim has been spending more time getting used to the NoCom. He says that it "demands you ride fast" and "it just wants to go". He was revelling in the 23 mph he achieved into a headwind on Sunday and he feels sorry for the competition. With the right gearing he may even consider not riding the VK2 in the hills.

Team website should be published during this week. The broad idea is the website will be an information site and will include the links to the RAAM website especially for race position information. Updates during the race will be posted on this blog and/or on is a new service enabling mini-updates by SMS, by IM and by web.

Other work going on - Richard is close to finishing the racks - it is no mean feat getting a NoCom to fit onto a rack. The wheeelbase is a challenge - not only for Richard but also for Tim who has a tight cul-de-sac to navigate from his house.

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warren said...

Hi Guys,

Good luck with the training and stay healthy!

Team Lowboy NoCom Pilot